Craft & Textiles

Cotton (Organic) Scarves

Fall has been a busy season here at Ever Wilder Farm. While we have many things we’d like to share with you, we’re most excited about our latest textile projects. For those of you that know us personally, you know we’ve worked in various textile industries and it has always been of interest to us to produce locally sewn products utilizing the shortest supply chain possible.?

Starting with 100% organic cotton knits grown and manufactured in the USA, we cut and sew right here on the farm. Most commercial dyes use harsh chemicals and processes that are not environmentally friendly. We take pride in personally collecting all of our own dyes from plants growing in our immediate area, and we take care that all plants are collected in a sustainable fashion. After a few long days of simmering and stirring vats, we have produced some of the most unique and earth friendly face coverings and scarves you will find.

Deer Antler Buttons and Pendants

Tulip Bark Baskets

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