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Small Scale, Organic Farm in Ellijay, GA

Seasonal produce, Fresh and Dried Herbs, Nursery Plants, Educational Tours, Heirloom Seeds and more!

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We offer live plants, seeds, dried herbs, fresh-frozen herbs and more...

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U-Pick Apothecary

Whether you are a herbalist wanting local herbs for your own medicines, a cook that has a need for pungent spices, or simply a person that appreciates a hand picked cup of tea, please come join us for an afternoon in the garden and take home some fresh herbs to enjoy.

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Welcome to Ever Wilder

A 1st generation regenerative farm in Ellijay, GA

We garden in an organic (non-certified), no till fashion with an emphasis on sustainability. Ever Wilder is also premier space for families to learn about nature in the north Georgia mountains.

We offer a variety of unique experiences!

Come learn, share and craft with us on a beautiful 7 acre mountain homestead full of native medicinal and food plants with some rare wildflowers located at the base of the Rich Mountain wilderness. Enjoy the sun, stroll along the creek and through the woods. The area is rich in wildlife including deer, turkey and bear. 25 minutes from downtown Ellijay. 35 minutes from downtown Blue Ridge. Please prepare for bugs in the summer months!

Caleb shares his passion for and knowledge of the useful plants on his farm in an engaging, small group hands-on experience. Highly recommended!

Learn more about our educational tours hosted throughout the year:

Check out seasonally available produce, planting stock, seeds and more on our shop page!

A little more about us…

Ever wilder is a permaculture mix of wild-tending and cultivation and is a perfect destination for any plant nerd or herbal gardener. When visiting, an array of seasonal produce and other goodies will be available – and samples are included on most tours! We grow several classics like tomatoes, cayenne pepper, pumpkin, winter squash however our focus is on resilient staple food crops both new and old.

We dedicate space to growing American groundnut (apios americana), Jerusalem artichokes, various yams and other hardy root crops. We cultivate numerous herbs and spices that are offered fresh or dried throughout the year. Beds of lemon balm and holy basil flourish in summer. Chicory greens are a core staple of spring.

Perennials are tended in a minimally invasive way. Elderberry is among one of our favorite shrubs of summer!

Wild mushrooms grow in abundance and care is taken to keep these gems coming back year after year. Wine caps are cultivated in the gardens while mushrooms like oysters, chicken of the woods and chanterelles are taken advantage of in their seasons.

In areas away from the sun, we cultivate some of the most at-risk woodland medicinal plants in Appalachia under large tulip poplars, maples and sycamores. Plants like ramps, goldenseal and American ginseng favor our northeastern slope.

Native passionflower fruit from our orchard is a must try in summer. Contact us in summer for all the fresh passionflower leaf you can handle. The passionflower orchard is a polyculture planting that includes elderberry, oats, sochan and cucamelon .

To be continued…

Learn common plants and other information on our resources page!