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Fresh Frozen Milky Oats – 1 lb

NEW offering! Get the best out of your milky oats tincture or tea. Vacuum sealed the same day they were picked. Shipped frozen w/ ice pack in the southeast.

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Plant Offerings

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Organized by plant names in alphabetical order. Items available during certain seasons are noted. All prices are without shipping.

Email [email protected] to purchase.

*We use absolutely no chemicals or purchased fertilizers. We grow in a “beyond organic” fashion. We make an effort to reduce plastics in our practices and do not use any form of synthetic row cover directly in the garden. Click here to learn more.*


comfrey officianalis

A utilitarian herb for the homestead with uses dating back thousands of years. Comfrey leaf makes a good mulch, compost or liquid fertilizer. Some herbalists use comfrey (root and leaf) externally for healing and trauma.

Vigorous grower and even the smallest roots chunks can make new plants.

Bare root chunks (5): $8

Dried comfrey: $2 per oz

Fresh comfrey harvest (U-Pick): $ pr lb

Cut-leaf Coneflower

Rudbeckia lanceolata – Rose Family

A native wildflower common thickets and wetlands with a high wildlife value. One of the top 5 cooked greens of the Cherokee. Spring tips/shoots are gathered and provide a wonderfully aromatic spring vegetable.

Seed germinates easily and “sochan” can be planted in a variety of soil types and is very adaptable, but likes wet soils especially.

Plant 1-2 year (1 gallon): $8

Seed 25+ : $3


Echinacea spp – Rose Family

A gorgeous summer flower with a high medicinal value. The root and seed both create a tingling sensation when nibbled. Known for it’s ability to stimulate the immune system.

Seed needs a cold season or cold/moist stratification.

Seed (25+): $3

Seedling (4″ pot): $5 (spring only)

1 gallon coming soon


Sambucus nigra – Moschatel family (Adoxaceae)

A shrubby tree with with compound leaves, showy flowers and a dark purple fruit. The flowers and fruit have been used in preparations for centuries.

Do not consume raw fruit. Each root chunk should grow into a new plant. Fresh frozen berries are perfect for making elderberry syrup or jam! 1 lb makes approximately oz of syrup depending on your recipe.

1-2 year old tree (bare root): $10

Bare root chunks (5): $8

1 lb fresh frozen berries: $16


Creatagus spp – Rose Family

A shrubby tree with long needle like thorns. Produces a bright red fruit that can be consumed without the seeds. Great for hedges and wildlife.

Fruit ripens into winter and can easily be collected, contains good quantities of pectin – We consider these like tiny crabapples.

1-2 year old tree (bare root): $8

2-3 year old tree (bare root): $12

1 lb fresh frozen berries: $16

Holy Basil / Tulsi

Ocimum tenuiflorum

A lovely annual from India, where it is considered a sacred herb. Holy basil does wonderful things for the mood of anyone who gardens it! Makes a lovely tea with stress relieving qualities.

Seeds germinate readily in summer once the tempetures warm up. You can easily get two or three harvests before the first frost of Fall.

Seeds 25+: $3

4″ potted plants (early summer): $5

Fresh frozen tulsi flowering tops: $ per lb

Dried flowering tops: $ per oz


Creatagus spp – Mustard Family

A vigorous grower with a sought after root. The leaves and the roots can be used in a variety of dishes.

Even the smallest root can grow into new plants. The root is well known for its broad spectrum anti-bacterial properties.

Roots for eating or planting: $15 per pound


Creatagus spp – Rose Family

Jewelweed is a well known Appalachian remedy for poison ivy and other skin complaints. It is a must to use FRESH jewelweed in your herbal preparations and freezing is one of the best ways to preserve the plant

Our flowering tops are collected while the plant is in full bloom, cut to size and vacuum sealed immediately.

Seed 25+ (moist and refrigerated): $5

4″ pot: $5 (spring only)

Fresh frozen juice and stems: $6 pr lb

Lobelia / Indian tobacco

Lobelia inflata or Indian tobacco is the smallest of the lobelia species native to North America, but it packs a powerful punch! Fresh lobelia extracted in vinegar has been used to help respiratory complaints and can aid in expectoration.

Lobelia is best used fresh when available.

Seeds 100+: $3

Fresh frozen lobelia flowering tops: $ per lb


Avena Sativa

A utilitarian crop for any homestead. We harvest milky oats, oat seed, and oat straw. Oats provide supplemental feed for all of our livestock and grows as a valuable winter cover crop. Easy to grow – Spread seed in the Spring or Fall.

Seeds (bulk resale, west coast source – w/ hulls, organic animal grade): $3 per lb

Fresh frozen milky oats: $25 per lb


Passiflora Incarnata – Family

Coming soon.

LIMITED TIME ONLY: Passionflower fruit for sale! Season ends with the 1st frost. Buy here:

Plant 1-2 year (1 gallon): $10

Dried Leaf: $ per oz


A tasty vegetable in the sunflower family.

Fresh root for planting or eating: $5 per pound (Fall until sold out)


A wonderful vegetable and spice. Used in many medicinal preparations. Order online:

Fresh root for planting or eating: $15 per pound (Fall until sold out)

Witch Hazel

Hammilas virginia – Rose Family

A shrubby tree with a long history of use. Bark and leaves are used to create many skincare products which commercially is distilled.

Witch hazel is a slow grower and normally an understory tree (i.e. part shade).

1-2 year old tree (bare root): $12 (fall only)

1-2 year old tree (1 gallon): $16

Dried twigs: email for availability

Turmeric root and others for sale online:

We carry a limited quantity of many other native plants and trees including –

(not listed above)

Black cherry, White pine, Spicebush, Persimmon, Pawpaw, Black walnut, Black locust, Tulip poplar, Sycamore, Wild strawberry, Groundnut (apios spp)

Herb seed:

(not listed above)

Spilanthes/ Toothache, Mullien, Scarlet bee balm, Yarrow, Spotted St. Johns wort, Heal-all (prunella spp), lambs quarters, plantain, evening primrose

Email [email protected] to purchase or visit the shop page.