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Get a taste of one of our favorite wild fruits. Passiflora incarnata is native to the region and grows well without the need for any herbicides/pesticides or watering. These fruit were grown in our passionflower orchard which is a tended wild patch (see pictures).

Passionflower fruit season will end with the 1st frost! Get them while you can! Price is for a pack of 1 dozen fruits.

NOTE: We cannot guarantee that all fruit will be fully ripe, but we will do our best to ship good fruit. It is best to let the fruit get some wrinkles in the skin after receiving (1 or 2 days on the counter), all of your fruit may not fully ripen at the same time.

QTY: 12 fruits

This is the second largest fruit native to northern Georgia! Though it doesn’t get nearly as much attention as the 1st (the pawpaw). Passionflower is common throughout the state and incredibly easy to grow. It also hosts a wide range of pollinators and insects, such as the gulf fritillary. These beautiful creatures will soon devour what leaves are left on the vine for the season and retain some of the more powerful compounds that can later be released as a defensive poison for the butterfly against larger predators.
The ripe “maypops” are my favorite wild fruit! We simply split them open and eat in two bites, seeds and all. The seeds themselves are like a tart piece of candy, with the pulp having a tropical flavor – similar to the tropical passionfruit that you can find at certain grocery stores.
I’ve noticed most people’s unpleasant experiences with maypops come from not selecting or waiting on the fruit to fully ripen. This leaves the pulp dry and tart. Passionflower fruit should only be collected after it falls, or possibly before the 1st frost at the end of the season. The pulp inside should be a nice yellow color.
Your fruit will contain viable seed for planting or consumption. Personally, I chew the seeds and pulp together for a tart & sweet snack.
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